627 2nd Ave

Sheldon, IA 51201



312 9th St. Sheldon, IA



  • Bathrooms: 1
  • Year Built: 1901
  • Property Type: Commercial
  • lot-size1547657776f5c3f62303b62a
  • Lot Size: 17' x 120'
  • sqft-main-1547657884f5c3f629cac2c2
  • SqFt Main : 1,322
  • sqft-below-grade-finished-1547657896f5c3f62a863956sqft-below-grade-unfinished-1547657907f5c3f62b34d562sqft-below-grade-total-1547657917f5c3f62bdda900heating-unit-1547657935f5c3f62cf8606bcooling-unit-1547657944f5c3f62d8a535fwater-softner-1547657952f5c3f62e0c88aawater-heater-1547657961f5c3f62e90b874annual-real-estate-taxes-1547657968f5c3f62f02addb
  • Real Estate Taxes : $551
  • average-utilities-1547657975f5c3f62f784940
  • Average Utilities : $99
  • school-district-1547657984f5c3f630062556
  • School District : Sheldon Community School
  • zoning1547657993f5c3f6309f3f29
  • Zoning: Commerical
  • date-listed-1547658003f5c3f63130c68freduced-price1554343996f5ca5683ccecad


***BUILDING ONLY***  The Lane legacy began in Sheldon about 1871 according to Sheldon Historian Millie Vos, that is when H.C. Lane arrived to the area. Mr. Lane made quite an impact on the area, it’s people, and development according to the article written by Vos in the July 23, 2019 edition of the N’West Iowa Review. In 1901 Lane is credited with building 5 store buildings along 9th street between 3rd and 4th avenue, the buildings can be easily identified with the name H.C. LANE being displayed on the upper facade. The buildings have remained in the Lane family since they were built in 1901, that is about to change. All 5 of the buildings are on the market and the opportunity to own your very own piece of Sheldon history is here and now. There are tenants in 4 of the 5 buildings, so this could be a good investment opportunity to own a property that has instant cash flow. Maybe you have an idea to make a splash in downtown Sheldon with a new idea of your own, here is your chance to buy an affordable piece of real estate to continue your own legacy. Most of the buildings have a basement and an upper level with opportunities for a historic ball room. conference center, or upper level apartments. The opportunities are endless! There is far more to know about each specific building then we could possibly include in this listing, make plans to learn more soon!

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